Testimonials for CleanPro Janitorial Services

P.W., Hudson

I am writing this letter of recommendation for CleanPro Janitorial Service, LLC and the company’s owner, Dennis Boswell, with both great enthusiasm and complete satisfaction.

S.H., North Canton

CleanPro has now been cleaning our office for six months, and the difference between them and our previous commercial cleaning company is astounding.

J.P., Hudson

The work CleanPro performed exceeded our expectations.

J.D., Hudson

The improvement by CleanPro was obvious.

J.M., Hudson

Whatever Dennis Boswell tells you, you can take to the bank. He is a straight-shooter, a business owner you can trust. He delivers what he promises.

S.K., Fairlawn

I want to give a kudos out to my new cleaning company, Dennis Boswell (CleanPro). They are now working at both of my sites and are doing a great job.

S.H., North Canton

They take initiative, work really hard, and offer us a level of service and care that cannot be found with your average cleaning company.

V.H., Hudson

You and your team are doing a wonderful job!

C.K., Jackson Twp.

Additionally, we really trust CleanPro, and we no longer have to worry about any of our belongings vanishing from week to week.

L.F., Hudson

Our facility is in the public eye daily. With CleanPro, we never had to worry about being embarrassed by a dirty or unsanitary building.