CleanPro now offering a FREE Building Health Check-up

CleanPro now offering a FREE Building Health Check-up

Whether you clean your own premises or have a cleaning contractor, our FREE analysis is certain to be of value to you.

Note: This FREE analysis is NOT a sales call. Rather, it is a detailed audit of the current state of your facility.

We have developed this proven Building Health Check-up specifically for business owners, managers, or maintenance personnel to help them assess the overall effectiveness of their current cleaning program. We identify both strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.

The Building Health Check-up process is SIMPLEĀ and FAST. After a brief period of questions (about five minutes), we will ask to review the storage area with the cleaning supplies, review the areas that are cleaned, and review the schedule or frequency of the cleaning tasks. If your cleaning is done in-house, we will be happy to answer any questions that you or your staff may have.

You Will Receive a Written Report that Includes the Following:
  • Identification of common mistakes made by cleaning personnel that could cost you $250,000 (that’s right, one quarter million dollars).
  • A cost analysis of the products or services currently used. Dollar store products are not always the most cost effective.
  • Notification of any concerns and safety hazards that we observe that could lead to accidents, insurance or Workers Compensation claims, or possible OSHA fines.
  • A written report recommending solutions to improve both the appearance and the health and safety of your facility.

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