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Ready to enjoy the professional cleaning service
you deserve, with a team who truly cares?


Get a Free Quote from CleanPro Janitorial

Ready to enjoy the professional
cleaning service you deserve,
with a team who truly cares?


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How can I request a quotation?

Please call or send an email to the contact information on our “Contact Us” page. A representative will contact you by the next business day.

Does CleanPro clean commercial or residential spaces?

We specialize in both types of spaces.

Can I have my office cleaned less often than weekly?

We offer several options for cleaning frequency. Ultimately it depends on the size of your space and staff as well as your working schedule. While we offer monthly commercial cleaning options, we encourage you to obtain pricing for bi-monthly or weekly also.

Since the Covid19 pandemic, have you increased your level of disinfection?

CleanPro Janitorial has always used hospital-grade disinfectants and processes to safeguard you and your facility. We always pay special attention to restrooms and higher-touch surfaces as part of our regular cleaning process.

Will I always have the same cleaner at my office?

Each of our staff members has a specific building or group if buildings to clean. Unless on vacation or illness, your cleaner will be the same person each visit.

How is your billing done?

Our normal billing cycle is to generate a monthly invoice on the first business day of the month following the completed cleaning.

Are your cleaners insured and bonded?

Yes, every CleanPro Janitorial employee is covered by our liability insurance, and everyone is bonded.

Can I request an additional cleaning from time to time?

CleanPro Janitorial is very flexible with our scheduling and most of the time we can accommodate special scheduling requests with ample notification.

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Happy Customers

“We have been working with Amanda, Dennis, and the team at CleanPro for nearly three years to clean our office building in Hudson. In that time, we have been very pleased with their services.

They not only do a fantastic job, but they are also very responsive to any questions or special requests. They are proactive in notifying us about problems or when more supplies are needed as well.

We really enjoy working with CleanPro – they are great people and we would definitely recommend them to others looking for professional cleaning services!”

Michelle Smith

“Beyond cleaning and customer service, CleanPro delivers exceptional value. They take initiative, work hard, and offer a high level of service. I feel blessed to have had Dennis Boswell and CleanPro as extended members of our team.”

Peter Wiley

“Before I can ask, the CleanPro crew is taking care of our cleaning needs when they see a problem! Thank you for keeping us clean and tidy!”


Tracy Erb

“CleanPro has been cleaning our office for six months, and the difference between them and our previous commercial cleaning company is astounding. CleanPro delivers tremendous service and value that cannot be matched by other companies. First and foremost, CleanPro is great because they are a company build on character and integrity. They actually do what they say they will do, each and every time. CleanPro takes great pride in their work, as they should, as they do everything other companies do and much, much more.”

Shelvia Hall

“A weight was lifted off our shoulders the day we hired CleanPro. The owners and the quality staff they hire are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure they are continuing to meet and exceed our expectations. We receive regular check-ins asking how things are going, if the quality is up to our standards, and if there is any way to serve us better.

It is our honor to recommend CleanPro Janitorial Service for whatever your cleaning needs may be.”

Jon Franks

“We have been using CleanPro for over two years and haven’t experienced any issues during that time. They are always efficient and attentive to details when cleaning our offices. They are always receptive to any changes/requests we have had and they always provide us with adequate notice on any supplies that are needed in the office.”

Sherry L. Schofield